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Emperor Qin's Tomb/ Mausoleum


Archeologists prove that the mausoleum mound was once 115 meters high though it reduces to 76 meters after 2200 years of weathering.

According to historical record, the First Emperor' subterranean chambers were protected by huge underground ramparts. There were rivers of mercury and a jewel-encrusted domed ceiling representing the universe. And the tomb candles, made from whale oil, were designed to burn for eternity. Booby traps were designed to trigger mechanically firing a volley of arrows toward any unsuspecting grave-robber...

It is rumored hundred of favorite concubines had to be staying with their master to start a new imperial family in the next world. It had also long been decided that hundreds more were sealed inside the mausoleum-The emperor took the designers, architects, engineers and builders of the mausoleum – anyone who knew the way in would be forced to stay.

The First Emperor's mausoleum has been kept sealing though numerous wonderful objects are discovering around. It promises to yield even greater treasures but excavators are sensitive to the site's great cultural significance and continue their methodical work, in no hurry to disturb the Emperor's final resting place.


The Layout of Qin Tomb/Mausoleum
Qin mausoleum, layout


A View of the Qin Tomb/ Mausoleum
A view of the Qin Mausoleum


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