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Identify the Chinese Ancient Fighters Military Rank and Division


Archeologists reveal the status of those ancient fighters from their uniforms, hats and caps. The higher military rank, the more elaborate uniform and armor he wears. The type of the offical hat reflecte military rank of the officer while soldier's cap indicates his unit.


Officer, Soldier and General-Identify the Ancient Fighters Military Rank
Identify the Ancient Fighter's Military Rank in Qin Terracotta Warrior Army


Qin Generals

Qin Generals wear double-layer long uniform with elaborate body armor outside.  The General hat, in a form of bird symbolizing bravery and skill in ancient China while decorated knots and tassels indicating the high status.


Qin Military Officers

Military Officersequipped with armor or just wear tunic. All officials wear a kind of stiff bonnets revealing their middle military ranks.


Different Offical Hat, found in China Terracotta Warrior Army, reaveals different military rankings for ancient fighters
Different Offical Hats Reveal Different Military Rankings


Qin Terracotta Soldiers-Infantry Men and Cavalries

Like the officers, some of the ordinary soldiers are equipped with armor while others are not. Soldiers wear different caps on units: The Qin cavalries have flat-toped military cap fixed with a string going under the chin. While infantries have a kind of soft cap matching their bun hairstyle.

Other infantries simply wear their hair in a knot on the top of the head, slanted to the right, and display many different styles of braiding. They are so carefully detailed that every strand of hair is visible.


In China Terracotta Warrior Army, Soldiers Wear Different Caps on Divisions
Soldiers Wear Different Caps on Divisions


China Terracotta Warrior Army, Infantry Soldiers Distinguished Hairstyle
Infantry Soldiers' Distinguished Styles of Braiding


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