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Chinese Qin Terracotta Warriors Replica/Reproduction


Online-Shopping-China features those elaborate figures that are the exactly reproductions of Qin terracotta warrior and horse statues 2200 years ago in China. Among a variety of terracotta replica statues in various sizes, you are sure to find that perfect piece to add timeless beauty and give character to home, office and any other locations...

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     Life Scale/Full Size Terracotta Warrior Replica. Height from 47in.(120cm) to 82in.(210cm)
   3/4 Scale Terracotta Warrior Replica.Height from 37in.(75cm) to 60in.(155cm)
     Half Scale Terracotta Warrior Replica. Height from 29in.(95cm) to 43in.(110cm)
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Online Source, Museum Photos: Witness to Xian Qin Terracotta Warrior Army


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This is an online source of unparalleled historical place of interest: the mausoleum of Emperor Qin and his immortal underground army. You will gain insight into China's First Emperor, and his legacy together with the ancient greatest empire he created, get directions for travel to Xian Terracotta Museum and browse the museum photos...
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Factory Tour: Qin Terracotta Warrior Replica Making


Authorized reproduction, all the terracotta warrior replica statues are made in Lintong, Xian where the remarkably Terracotta Warrior Army was found. They are made from the same local clay as the originals and constructed essentially in the same ancient method...
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Factory Tour of Terracotta Warrior Reproduction





Exterior Finish of Terracotta Warrior Replica Statues



 Choices of Exterior Finish offers a variety of beautiful finishes for terracotta warrior replica statues. Regardless whether you choose an authentic terracotta warrior replica or looking for something special to match your home and business, our finishing services will meet your expectation with different taste and create a unique atmosphere...
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Wholesale China Qin Terracotta Warrior Statues: Large Scale Figures, Miniature Figurines and Gift Sets


Online-Shopping-China is looking forward to working with distributors, dealers and retailers of indoor and outdoor garden ornaments and statuary as well as those seeking for distinguished promotional products and corporate gifts. We regard it is winwin and will do everything in our power to help your success in this Chinese ancient culture related business segments...Click to Chinese Qin Terracotta Warrior Army Online ResourceWholesale China Qin Terracotta Warrior Statues



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